Faster, Better, Cheaper Broadband.


The EveryLayer Opportunity:

Faster, Better, Cheaper Broadband. Everywhere.

From downtown Lagos to a marketplace in Port-au-Prince to the outskirts of Manila, the next billion want faster, better and more affordable Internet—and they want it now. By accelerating and expanding high-speed access across emerging markets, we unlock massive opportunity for businesses, education systems, healthcare governments and individuals at every layer of society.

The cost of a high-speed connection in emerging markets can be over 100 times more than it is in North America or Europe, if it’s available at all—it’s no wonder that broadband penetration is less than 6%. To disrupt the status quo, we must radically lower the cost to connect for every last business, city and person everywhere.

Reach every last mile with EveryLayer.



Our Approach

Affordable, ubiquitous high-speed broadband is within reach.

Ambition, invention and the demand for information in emerging markets is everywhere—yet the Internet bandwidth so critical for pursuit of every opportunity is scarce and expensive. With very little terrestrial network in many countries, mobile network technologies—often the only option—cannot deliver truly affordable, high-speed broadband.

We’ve designed a way to deliver high-speed broadband. Today.

We leverage growing fiber optic availability and low-cost telecom-grade WiFi to connect the last mile with high-speed, fixed-line replacement networks. Our proprietary, cloud-based platform makes it simple to deploy new networks and services and provide every last customer a high quality, affordable service.

These markets, all of which are hungry for access to services and economic opportunity on the world stage, are profoundly untapped. With the right system and method, we can scale up to reach hundreds of thousands of new subscribers at ten times less cost, delivering a profitable, affordable high-speed Internet service model everywhere.

Our Experience

Born in Silicon Valley, built in Kigali.

Our team has deployed faster, more affordable Internet technologies in emerging markets in more than thirty countries —from capital cities to secondary towns and villages in mountainous, tropical, and desert regions around the world.

With every challenge, our innovation grows.

EveryLayer was born in Silicon-Valley and rigorously tested down to the last access point, router, nut, bolt and solar panel in Africa, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. We have the proven expertise plus the unique, scalable technology to design and deploy radically faster, lower-cost broadband in weeks not months.



“We began to think differently about the potential of a new approach to broadband after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Six days after it happened, the expert team who would form EveryLayer entered a devastated Port-au-Prince to restore connectivity for humanitarian response.

Despite some of the worst conditions imaginable, we had a high-speed wireless network spanning the city in less than three weeks—in the months following, we partnered to build the systems for much of the rest of the country. It felt so important, and revolutionary—we knew that if we could deliver broadband swiftly and cost-effectively there, we could deliver it everywhere.”

-Mark Summer

CEO and Co-Founder


The Team

Our team grew from Silicon Valley roots in some of the most groundbreaking and expansive networking and technology companies in the world.


Mark Summer
CEO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Board Member Inveneo • CIO Inveneo • IPDeliver • Mirapoint • iPass/GRIC • Samart (ISP) • Founded ISP in Germany

Kristin Peterson
CMO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Chair Inveneo • CEO Inveneo • iPass/GRIC • AT&T • WEF Social Entrepreneur

Andris Bjornson
CTO & Co-Founder

CTO Inveneo • Nepal Wireless • StateDepartment • Designed and deployed broadband networks and ICT systems 30+ emerging markets.

Clark Ritchie
VP Eng. & Co-Founder

Chief Architect Inveneo • CTO One Economy • HP • Intel. Designs complex networking software • Created TowerDB, an early version of EveryLayer’s cloud service.


Eric Nyawara
Network Engineering

Network Design & Deployment East Africa

Alicia Levine

GSMA • Twilio • Ashoka


Our Advisors

We engage a circle of talented and deeply experienced industry leaders to keep our channels of perspective, fluency, and innovation open. Our advisors are among the top technology visionaries in this field—they believe in the potential of EveryLayer, and in the opportunity that awaits in emerging markets.


Jim Forster

AirJaldi • Network the World • Cisco

Blair Levin

Aspen Institute Communications & Society • Author of US National Broadband Plan • FCC

Dr. Bitange Ndemo

Chair Alliance for Affordable Internet • Kenya Permanent Secretary for ICT

Dean Reeves

Reeves Young

Dane Jasper

CEO and Co-Founder, SONIC.net

Caroline Mizumoto


Dominic Orr

CEO Aruba Networks

Rita Trehan

AES • Honeywell • Business Transformation • Emerging Markets

Brett Dobbs

M + D • US Africa Business Forum


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We are revolutionizing access to connectivity in high-demand, underserved markets. If your company wants to partner with us to be first to deliver the best, most affordable high-speed internet in your region, let’s talk.