Our Approach

Affordable, ubiquitous high-speed broadband is within reach.

Ambition, invention and the demand for information in emerging markets is everywhere—yet the Internet bandwidth so critical for pursuit of every opportunity is scarce and expensive. With very little terrestrial network in many countries, mobile network technologies—often the only option—cannot deliver truly affordable, high-speed broadband.

We’ve designed a way to deliver high-speed broadband. Today.

We leverage growing fiber optic availability and low-cost telecom-grade WiFi to connect the last mile with high-speed, fixed-line replacement networks. Our proprietary, cloud-based platform makes it simple to deploy new networks and services and provide every last customer a high quality, affordable service.

These markets, all of which are hungry for access to services and economic opportunity on the world stage, are profoundly untapped. With the right system and method, we can scale up to reach hundreds of thousands of new subscribers at ten times less cost, delivering a profitable, affordable high-speed Internet service model everywhere.