EveryLayer in partnership Express Wi-Fi by Facebook boosts connectivity to high-speed, affordable Internet for all Kenyans

Davos, Switzerland and Nairobi, Kenya. January 24, 2018

EveryLayer, under the brand name Surf and in partnership with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook, is now the single largest provider of public Wi-Fi hotspots in Kenya. EveryLayer has worked with entrepreneurs and universities to deliver radically affordable internet options in more than 1000 public locations. The Wi-Fi hotspots, located in busy areas across 20 of Kenya’s most populated cities including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret, are now making affordable internet within reach of a large percentage of Kenya’s 40 million population. With data prices at one-half to one-third of mobile data as well as free options, EveryLayer is delivering internet services that Kenyans can afford and removing barriers to online information, services and connections.

EveryLayer partners with local entrepreneurs like Serah to establish new Wi-Fi hotspots and rapidly grow the network. Local entrepreneurs reap the benefits of a new income stream through selling Express Wi-Fi services.

Serah sells Express Wi-Fi data bundles at her store, built inside a commercial shipping container. The shipping container sits on a busy corner lined with shops and taxis. Serah describes her town as one with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with her customers using the internet for all kinds of purposes. She explains that it was the taxi drivers parked outside her shop that quickly adopted her Wi-Fi hotspot, using it to advertise cars for sale, research vehicles on the market and in some cases, accept Uber ride requests. For each data bundle she sells, she can see the exponential impact it has on the growth of her business and the growing businesses of her customers.

For Eliud, an Express Wi-Fi customer, access to low cost internet has been critical in increasing his ability to utilize his parcel of land to raise rabbits and pigs. His previous use of the land for farming was less profitable. Connected to Express Wi-Fi, Eliud researched best practices for raising rabbits and pigs as domestic livestock by growing ingredients for feed and building pens. Online, Eliud also found and joined a youth group devoted to farming to enable him to continually improve his approach to maintaining livestock.

Speaking at World Economic Forum, Kristin Peterson, Co-Founder and CMO of EveryLayer and Schwab Social Entrepreneur said, “EveryLayer’s mission is to dramatically expand consumers’ options for Internet access. We’re excited to reach the milestone of 1000 hotspots in Kenya. Now everyone can connect more, learn more, and earn more through doing business online. We are honored to be working with Facebook, which powers Express Wi-Fi, as our partner enabling us to expand so rapidly throughout the country.”

“We are thrilled to see the number of Express Wi-Fi hotspots and users grow through our partnership with EveryLayer,” said Uche Ofodile, Regional Head of Africa, Express Wi-Fi by Facebook. “This launch is a significant step toward accomplishing our shared goal of reducing barriers to connectivity and giving more Kenyans access to fast and affordable internet.”


About EveryLayer:

San Francisco based EveryLayer offers a software platform and new approach that allows ISPs to deliver faster, better, cheaper broadband in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. EveryLayer’s platform simplifies how providers deploy and monetize low-cost last mile networks. 

About Surf:

Surf’s mission is to deliver radically low cost internet to all Kenyan consumers. Launched in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of EveryLayer, Inc., Surf leverages EveryLayer’s unique software and expertise to rapidly deploy and scale low-cost Wi-Fi based broadband networks. EveryLayer’s software allows Surf to deliver lower cost broadband internet, making high-speed internet more affordable and financially accessible for Kenyan consumers.

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