The Team

Our team grew from Silicon Valley roots in some of the most groundbreaking and expansive networking and technology companies in the world.


Mark Summer
CEO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Board Member Inveneo • CIO Inveneo • IPDeliver • Mirapoint • iPass/GRIC • Samart (ISP) • Founded ISP in Germany

Kristin Peterson
CMO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Chair Inveneo • CEO Inveneo • iPass/GRIC • AT&T • WEF Social Entrepreneur

Andris Bjornson
CTO & Co-Founder

CTO Inveneo • Nepal Wireless • StateDepartment • Designed and deployed broadband networks and ICT systems 30+ emerging markets.

Clark Ritchie
VP Eng. & Co-Founder

Chief Architect Inveneo • CTO One Economy • HP • Intel. Designs complex networking software • Created TowerDB, an early version of EveryLayer’s cloud service.


Eric Nyawara
Network Engineering

Network Design & Deployment East Africa


Chris Jones
Dir. Software Development

Software Development
Applications • Infrastructure

Frank Charron
Software Engineering

Software Development
Applications • Infrastructure

Alicia Levine

GSMA • Twilio • Ashoka